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Is Your Old Car Worth More As A Trade-In Or Sold As Scrap To Auto Recyclers?

Auto RecyclersWhen you are in the process of purchasing a replacement vehicle, (new or used) most of your time and effort will focus on the automobile that you are about to own ? but how much thought have you given to the disposal of your old vehicle??

Are you just going to accept the trade-in amount offered by the car dealership or have you considered the option of selling that old car as scrap to auto recyclers?

When trading in an old car at a dealership, the value offered is usually much lower than the car owner is expecting. This is due to the fact that the dealership is looking to make a profit through resale or as scrap to a local car recycling company. Conversely, the dealership may offer you an inflated value for your trade-in when they otherwise would have offered you the same amount (or even more) in the form of a discount off the original price.?For that reason, it is always best to discuss the value of your trade-in after you have fully negotiated a price for the vehicle you are about to purchase. In fact, to determine the true value of your trade-in it may even best to not even tell them you have a trade-in until after you have negotiated a deal for the new vehicle.

Reasons to consider selling your old vehicle to auto recyclers rather than trading it in for the purchase of another vehicle include:

  • The cost of any requisite repairs would exceed the value of the vehicle;
  • The make, model, age, and/or odometer reading of the car make it unattractive for resale by the dealership;
  • The car is not driveable (i.e. you have no way of getting it off your property);
  • You do not want to incur the added costs of advertising, safety certification and emission testing to sell the vehicle privately; and
  • Potential for greater profitability.

Additional Benefits To Selling An Old Vehicle As Scrap To A Car Recycling Company

Additional benefits of recycling your old car as auto scrap include:

  • Vehicle fluids and car parts can be reused, recycled or upcycled using eco-friendly processes that support local environmental initiatives;
  • There’s no stress associated with selling the car privately or having to negotiate with a dealer over the trade in amount costs;
  • Don Mills Steel And Metal offers the most competitive pricing of any car scrap yard in the GTA;
  • If the old car is immobile, Don Mills Steel And Metal can arrange to have it picked up and still pay you for the metal scrap; and
  • We scrap thousands of cars a year so you can rest assured that the process will be quick and painless and that your ownership will be transferred into our name and that your vehicle will be officially retired (i.e. properly branded as scrap).

In conclusion, if the condition of your old vehicle is such that it would be deemed as junk by most/all dealerships, consider the option of selling the car directly to a local scrap yard such as Don Mills Steel And Metal. When it comes to car recycling, our service, pricing and expertise is second to none.

Don Mills Steel And Metal has been operating its car scrap yard in Gormley, Ontario in a responsible, eco-friendly manner since 1974. Our recycling services include ferrous and non-ferrous metals, new/used steel, auto recycling, bin rental services and e-waste.

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