Don Mills Steel and Metal




Ferrous Metals

Don Mills Steel And Metal is one of the GTA's oldest and most efficiently operating ferrous scrap yards. We purchase metal scrap from numerous sources, including: large industrial accounts, scrap metal dealers, construction and demolition contractors, government agencies and the general public. Also, we market our scrap to a wide variety of steel mills, foundries and smelters, both domestically and across North America. Our scrap yard is organized with separate sorting areas so customers can be served quickly and effectively.

Whether you're purchasing or selling ferrous material, please contact us with any inquiries.

We currently buy/sell the following:

No.1 & No.2 Heavy Melt


No.1 Bushelling

Heavy Melt   Bushelling

Mixed Bushelling


No.1 Bundles

Mixed Bushelling   Bundles

No.2 Bundles


Shredder Logs

Bundles   Shredder Logs

Plate & Structural Steel


Oversize Plate & Structural Steel

Plate And Structural Steel   Oversize Plate And Structural Steel



Dime Punchings

Punchings   Dime Punchings

Machine Shop Turnings


Industrial Clips

Machine Shop Turnings   Industrial Clips

Mixed Clips


Cast Iron

Mixed Clips   Cast Iron

Auto Cast




White Goods


Car Bodies

White Goods