Don Mills Steel and Metal




Health & Safety Policy

At Don Mills Steel and Metal we recognize our responsibility for the Health & Safety of our workplace and have implemented a policy to prevent, control and guard against risks of occupational injury and adverse health effects that may arise during the course of business activities.

Our Health & Safety Policy has been implemented to meet the obligations of the Occupational Health & Safety Act and other applicable regulations and standards. Our objective is to work together to continuously improve the health and safety of our workplace. Safety is our core value and we commit to providing a Safe and Healthy Work Environment for all employees, customers, visitors and stakeholders.

A Joint Health and Safety Committee has been organized to ensure that a safe and healthy workplace has been created. This has been done by taking responsibility to ensure that the Health & Safety Program results in safety procedures that are easy to implement and in compliance with the law.

Commitment to health and safety is an integral part of this organization. As a team we are committed to delivering the highest level of health and safety performance to achieve our goal of zero injuries in the workplace. In accomplishing our goal we will review our overall company performance quarterly and provide employees with the proper training, opportunities and encouragement that they require to maintain a safe workplace.

Our Goal is to achieve nothing short of Perfection - Safety is not an Accident.